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Empowering Families from Africa Through Service & Education

Programs & Missions Making a Difference for the African Diaspora

Living Hope Outreach Ministries, Inc. is inspiring change in the lives of African immigrants through our arts programs, support groups, and senior services. These are the only educational programs offered in our Staten Island, New York, community. Through them, we hope to empower women and children and help them make contributions to society. Our upcoming missions to Liberia also offer a chance to make a difference.

Community Arts & Education

Encouraging creativity and learning are just some of the ways that we change lives at our outreach ministry. We want young people of our African immigrant community to know where they came from, so we teach them about the vast continent of Africa, covering topics such as geography and history. If you're interested in signing up for our summer educational programs for school age kids 5-14, registration is in process. The programs run from June to August 31st. Our programs cover topics such as:

• Modeling
• Dancing
• Arts & Crafts

• Computer Classes
• Historic Sightseeing Trips
• African History & Geography

Looking at the Globe

Counseling & Support Groups

Working with immigrant families, we offer support to help with family life and trauma. Our groups meet to encourage one another, offering explanations about issues with kids and assistance getting people to medical appointments and health workshops. In our counseling sessions, women and families share their stories about where they came from, their lives now, and their experiences of depression and neglect. For those in need of support systems, we connect them to the African Women Association.

Senior Transport Assistance

Many older people, particularly in immigrant communities, have trouble getting around. Our upcoming program is the African Senior Immigrants Appointment Scheduling and Transportation Program and registration is in progress. If you are interested in more information regarding the program, please get in touch with us. Grants and donations are welcome.

Missions to Liberia

Decades of civil wars in West Africa have resulted in a great need for assistance. We are supporting missions to Liberia to help make a difference. We are accepting donations of toys, shoes, and other items useful for children. Please contact us if you are interested in paying school fees, as we can make arrangements with the parents to work with the school.