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Brief Autobiography of Rev. Esther Rose Precious Yaidoo

Rev. Esther Rose Precious Yaidoo is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Living Hope Outreach Ministries Inc. in Staten Island, New York, and Liberia, respectively. Rev. Yaidoo was born unto the union of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Yaidoo. Rev. Yaidoo is a born-again Christian and has a good relationship with her heavenly Father. She is a mother and a grandmother.

Educational Background

Rev. Yaidoo completed elementary school through eighth grade at the Seventh Day Adventist Junior High School on Camp Johnson Road in Monrovia, Liberia, and earned her Junior High School certificate at the Special Project School in Gardnersville, Monrovia, Liberia. Rev. Yaidoo obtained her high school education at the William V. S. Tubman High School in Monrovia, Liberia, where she graduated in 1981. Upon graduation from high school, Rev. Yaidoo attended the Lincoln Commercial institute and earned a Diploma in Secretarial Science. In 1994, Rev. Yaidoo completed a sophomore-level education at the University of Liberia. While at the University of Liberia, she studied Accounting and Management. In 2001, Rev. Yaidoo matriculated to the Nyack College in Manhattan, New York, and in May of 2005, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work with Pastoral Ministries as her minor. Upon graduation from Nyack College, Rev. Yaidoo was offered a scholarship to attend the International Trauma Studies Program in Manhattan, New York, where she earned a certificate in Trauma therapy. Rev. Yaidoo has earned numerous certificates in the area of Human Services. This includes certificates in basic and advanced mediation and conflict resolution.

Rev. Esther Rose Precious Yaidoo

Career & Work Experience

Rev. Yaidoo began her career in 1986, when she was employed by the General Auditing Office as Secretary to the Deputy Auditor General of Liberia, a position she held until September 1994. From September 1984 to October 1995, Rev. Yaidoo worked with the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Liberia as Secretary to the National Director. In November 1995, the Liberian Wesleyan District employed her as Administrative Assistant to the District Superintendent, a position she held until 1998. While still working with the Liberian Wesleyan District Office, in March 1998, Esther was employed by the Association of the Evangelicals of Liberia, (AEL) and was assigned as Part-Time Secretary to the National Coordinator of Pan African Christian Women Alliance (PACWA) in Liberia. In the United States, Rev. Yaidoo has been employed in various capacities, including home attendant, direct care worker, case manager technician, and Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC).


As Chief Executive Officer and Program Coordinator, Rev. Yaidoo had over the years devoted her time to coordinating programs and activities that are geared towards empowering women and children in Staten Island, with the hope to enhance their self-esteem and maximize their potential that they too may find fulfillment in life and make more meaningful contributions to society. Rev. Yaidoo's strengths include, but are not limited to: evangelism, advocacy, counseling, organizing, and uniting people for a good cause.

Rev. Yaidoo organized the Family Prayer Center at the General Auditing Office in 1986, and the Family Prayer Center survived through Esther's eight years of employment with the General Auditing Office. The prayer fellowship brought many men and women at the Office to Christ. Esther also organized the Gardnerville chapter of the Pan African Christian Women Alliance in Liberia, was also very instrumental in organizing the Montserrado County Chapter of PACWA and was elected Vice President in 1998, a position she held until her travel to the United States. In the United States, Rev. Yaidoo organized a youth fellowship that eventually became the Living Hope Outreach Ministries. The LHOMI African Women Association was launched in 2002, and has been in existence ever since, providing support and assistance to its members and many others in Staten Island. Along with Rev. Yaidoo's efforts, the Fellowship of Liberian Wesleyans in America was founded in 2009.

When in Liberia, Rev. Yaidoo was actively involved in the Wesleyan church, and served in numerous capacities with commitment and excellence on both district and local levels. Some of the positions she held in the Liberian District Wesleyan Church include, but are not limited to: Sunday school Superintendent, Secretary General of the Wesleyan District Evangelistic Association, Secretary General, District Sunday School, Secretary General Wesleyan Women of Liberia, President of Gardnerville chapter of the Pan African Christian Women Alliance (PACWA) in Liberia, and Vice President of the Montserrado County chapter of Pan African Christian Women Alliance of Liberia. In 1991, Esther taught the Koinonia Bible Class at Buduburan in Ghana.

In Staten Island, also, Rev. Yaidoo has led many people to Christ through Living Hope Outreach Ministries, in Sunday school. From November 1998 through December 1999, Rev. Yaidoo taught Sunday school at the First United Christian Church. From 2000 to 2004, she taught Sunday school at the Bethel Community Church. At Bethel Community Church, she also served as a member of the Trustee Board, and Vice President to the Women's Guild. In October 2001, Bethel Community Church ordained her Deaconess. Rev. Yaidoo joined the New Life Church of Staten Island in 2004. Since then, Rev. Yaidoo has been teaching Sunday school, and acting as a member of the Women's Auxiliary. On January 2, 2011, she was commissioned and ordained as a minister of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Rev. G. Lorenzo Stevens is her pastor. Rev. Yaidoo is the Pastor of the Living Hope Outreach Ministries Intl. Church in Staten Island, New York 10304.

Community Involvement

Rev. Yaidoo has also been involved with the Staten Island Liberian Community Association. As a member of SILCA, Rev. Yaidoo was elected a member of the Board of Directors for two years. She also served as Chairman of the Election Commission that seated the current SILCA leadership led by Madame Oretha Bestman Yates. Rev. Yaidoo is a woman of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and very good at multitasking.